Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maids and Problems With Them

I am sure that most of our household or parent's house has at least a maid.

Most of my friends would be having Indonesian maids in their Malaysian houses or apartments. For me, are the maids (or they call it house girls over here in Nigeria).

One thing about having maids is to learn patience..... which sometimes can run to be very thin. I am a patience guy. Never scold them (never once for 7 years in Myanmar). I am considered to be a very good boss. I believe that I am so, until I arrive in Nigeria.

How I wish to tear my hair out of my head!!! or to strangle my maid by the neck!

To some of the so - called politicans here, they say that Nigeria is a first world country. First world in their prices is right. Everything is so damn expensive..... Any other thing, I do not know whether qualified to even classify as 3rd world.

Myanmar is one of the poorest country in ASEAN, right? I would conclude that Nigeria is a lot worse off than Myanmar. People are earning the same amount of salary as Malaysian people but yet they are poorer than Myanmar people. Very pathetic.

Ok, let's get back to the maid issue. Got side tracked. Where were I? Oh yes, about me being such a good guy.

I am a good guy (someone would say that my hide is getting thicker now), never scolded any of my previous maid(s) before. I would always give bonus to them at every month end out of my own pocket. But the current one, how I wish that I could not give her salary at all. You want to know why am I so mad? Let me list it out :

1) Put the rice spoon next to the rubbish bin;
2) Doesn't know that celery, spinach or mushroom are vegetables that I had taken out in the morning for dinner, so... didn't cook rice for me;
3) Didn't know that a can with a dog's face is dog food;
4) Asking me how to cook a big bag of dried dog food, thinking it was cereal;
5) Using a different lock on my house door when the one I gave her, she doesn't know how to use it (imagine when I came out and couldn't get out of the house). She lives in the outside compound.

I think I better stop listing it out anymore, if not, I will fire her tomorrow - liao. I am going to conclude that she is really takes the cake for being a person who are in a FIRST WORLD country when I am not even from one.