Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nov 2009 Holidays - Cameron Highlands

Some of my friends had been complaining that I did not post up my holiday photos. So... here they are. We shall start with Cameron Highlands.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bolster For Men

I would had never imagined there is existence of such kind of bed product. Hmm.... I do wonder how well would we, guys, sleep hugging this.

Sorry ya, JT. I pinjam your picture.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simply Snap II

Thank you for all your wishes, my friends!!

To all my dear friends,
Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes that you, wonderful people, had showered to me.
Cheers, Yam Seng, Kam Pei!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Vice

What is a vice? 

Vice is something that we simply can’t do without or so we say. Everytime we would have strong supporting reasons and evidences for our vices. Vices would make us weak and we would be at it’s beck & call. When the “siren” sings, we would be totally drawn to it like a mindless zombie. It’s hold onto us is so strong, how are we normal human beings able to break free?? We are totally defenseless against it and need divine help. As we are not gods nor have any divine power, we then continue with our vices.

The vices of most ladies are shopping, soap operas, gossips and shopping. Hmm… I did repeat that didn’t I? Must be keyboard error.

Okay… let’s get to the guys’ turn. Aahhh….eeerrr…..hmph. Nothing of significant to mention, so let me continue with my blog.

Want to know what is my savoring and entertaining vice? Ok! Let the show begins!! My vice is buying electronic gadgets. Hahaha…. some people want their money back already. Sorry no refund.

It is without a doubt that I am a nerd and a geek. You would never be able to get me break out of my vice nor tear me away from it. Weep ladies, boys and his toys. No way Jose, am I going to abandon it.

If you tell someone about 40 years ago that you wish for a world where  your typewriter weighs less than 1kg and your mails will immediately pop into your “typewriter” or you can receive & make telephone calls wherever you go without the telephone booth. They will tell you that you are day – dreaming.

Electronic gadgets are necessities of our lives. We can name laptops, tablets, e-Books or even smart phones like iPhone and Nokia E – series. It makes our lives so much easier and happier…

Like the Swiss watch that I bought. It has so many applications.
1)      It can tell the temperature;
2)      It can tell how high above the sea level;
3)      It can tell whether it is day or night;
4)      It can glow in the dark;
5)      It has a stop watch function; and finally
6)      It has 200 meters water resistant.

Oh yes, it tells the time too. Worth every cent that I bought it for.

Whenever, I enter an electronic gadget shop. They would roll out the red carpet and even open my car door for me. Yeah….they could see suckers like me miles away. A good example is my Play Station, I bought so many additional equipments for it. If you see it now, it is an electronic octopus, with numerous wires coming out from the main unit.

Vices…  are they good or bad? It is difficult to say. Most people would abhor when they see us with our vice. It is true that most vices are culturally disliked. Nobody likes to see another person with their vice. Well, too bad, it makes me happy and that is good enough. Ok, where did I put my Electronic  Anti – Gravity Dripless Ultimate Writer’s Pen?

You got a pencil that I can borrow?

E - 3 Advertisement

WOW!! This is an amazing ......... camera. Hahaha

Monday, January 11, 2010

Entirely in Ota I

How come there is no sound on my phone?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Someone Deserves To Be Whack!!

who is ME!

After missing for 1 year.... Monkey's back!!

I would be posting up lots and lots of pictures now as I brought my camera along this time. Be prepared to have many rumbling photos which are ........ how can I describe it.. totally unrelated? Like monkey kena belacan... snapping here and there.

So.... welcome me back. Whack! one more time at the Ang Ka Chui.

Simply Snap!